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Nostrum Versum is a video game, currently in concept development.
In Nostrum Versum you build environments and make stories across a network of connected micro worlds.
We are prototyping gameplay that is a cross between survival-builder and colony-sim.
Our jumping off point is that feeling you come to in a survival games when you have built an incredible palace, but there is no-one to inhabit it.
We want to enable filling that world with NPCs and stories and sharing it with others.
For Character Creation we will integrate a digital version of our card game Whomb.
We are interested to ask "what is the story you would tell with just one creature and their house?" or "What if you only had one chunk what could you build?". (We do anticipate larger open world areas as well).
The focus on micro-worlds is influenced by real life toy playsets and brick construction sets.
Is it a metaverse?
No, not in the sense of the crypto-boom metaverses. This project has nothing to do with crypto currency, NFTs or VR.
Nostrum Versum is first and foremost a video game. We want to reclaim the multiverse concept as part of a fun narrative structure, and as a way to collaborate on stories with friends in real-time.
We are currently prototyping gameplay in a closed alpha. When we are happy that Nostrum Versum is going to be a joyous experience we would love to show you. (And tell you how you will be able to play it!)
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